At Arbol Professional Counseling, we specialize in treating adolescents, adults, and couples with issues not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic health/disability
  • Grief
  • Education/career counseling
  • Life coaching

We individualize treatment based on a person's needs.  Our approach is multidisciplinary with strategies that include psychodynamic modalities, the belief that our subconscious mind drives our behavior, and existential therapy, how confronting one’s ultimate concerns leads to greater understanding of the self. However, our primary approach is cognitive therapy, a problem-solving approach to better understanding behaviors and beliefs.  

We utilize meditation and mindfulness to help people establish a mind-body connection in alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. We look to a person's inherent strengths and skills to guide the treatment process.
In instances where medication may be needed in conjunction with therapy, a referral will be made to a psychiatrist for an evaluation.
We encourage you to come in for a visit and begin your journey to better mental health.



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